Stewardship and Justice

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Well, my mother got her wish.  I am finally behind a pulpit.

Hello my name is Jim Brusatte.  I am a member of the parish council.  These few weeks we are talking to you about our plans to share God’s love with our fellow parishioners and others.

What an opportunity to enrich our spiritual life and to extend our Christian hands and values in this world.

I am today reminding you of another parish committee.  I am co-chair with Dr. Germain Gonzalo of the Stewardship and Justice committee.

You know, I love seeing all of you on Saturdays and Sundays.  That’s important.  Sitting in the pew, though, I often think what more can I do when I leave this building.  How can I live my faith and make a positive impact on the life’s of others?  Admit it.  Doesn’t it feel great when you help someone.  It’s then we touch God.  Like our Patron Saint Francis says  “It is in giving that you receive”.  One of my favorite gospels is in Matthew when we appear before Christ.  Christ says you saw me when you fed the poor or visited the sick, etc.  How true.

Here is our chance.  Furthermore, these activities can be rewarding and fun when we engage with others to help others.  This work can allow us to do what Pope Francis asks.  Get out, get involved, live our faith, help and share our God.  In the end you will be richer and happier for it.

I know time and circumstances limit all of us.  We are reluctant to get involved.  But remember you do not need to carry the load.  This is a group venture.  You can put in what time and effort you wish.  If you wish to think about it, do so.  There are sign up sheets at the doors or you may contact myself, Dr. Gonzalo, or the parish.  Let’s get our hands dirty doing God’s work.  Let’s be sowers and reapers.

God Bless,

James L. Brusatte

For more information you can contact:

Jim Brusatte at 815-433-4742 or by Email


Dr. German Gonzalo at 815-434-4503 or by Email