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Parish Sacramental Life Ministry

I am a member of the St Francis Parish Council and I am here to talk to you about the upcoming plans of the Parish Council.

During this past year, a new St Francis Parish Council was formed. The parish council was formed to make our parish more vibrant, engage the whole parish, and bring us closer to Christ. The parish council met monthly since last fall, elected officers, and identified the key ministries of the parish. The five key ministries identified for the parish were:

  1. Sacramental life
  2. Evangelization, Catechesis, and Catholic Schools
  3. Stewardship and Justice
  4. Hospitality
  5. Youth

Over the next five weeks, a member of the parish council will explain each of the different ministries. Following these discussions, we plan to ask for volunteers to be on a committee for each of these ministries. Today, I will give an overview of the Sacramental Life Ministry.

The Ministry of Sacramental Life focuses on the prayer and worship life of the parish. The committee oversees the practice and activities related to celebrating the mysteries of our faith in community prayer and worship. This committee nourishes and supports the liturgical and devotional aspects of parish life, especially the Eucharist. It provides opportunities for parishioners to deepen their faith through a variety of prayer experiences and liturgical celebrations such as Eucharistic adoration, community rosaries, stations of the cross, novenas, etc.

The committee also identifies the spiritual needs of parishioners by maintaining an on-going program of education and training for liturgical ministers such as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and altar servers.

Other Sacramental Life Committee functions include:

  1. Identify the Sacramental Life needs of the parish
  2. Establish priorities
  3. Formulate long range and short term goals and objectives
  4. Research options
  5. Communicate with the pastor, the parish, and diocesan office
  6. Provide on going formation of committee members
  7. Suggest budget priorities
  8. Periodically evaluate existing programs
  9. Provide the Finance and Parish Council with updates .

The point of these talks over the next four weeks is to ask each of you to consider joining a ministry committee. More engagement from parish members on the committees will make St Francis a stronger parish. If you have questions about the Parish Council, please talk to the priests or a parish council member. If you have questions about the Sacramental Life committee, please talk to the priests, Barb Hanley or myself.

Thank You

If interested to work on this committee please  contact: 

Barbara Hanley: phone number is 815-434-7059, her email is
Joseph Jobst: phone number is 815-343-7258,his email is


Parish Youth Ministry

 Click here for Pope Francis’ Message for the 2016 World Youth Day

Folks, today on this last effort to talk to you I am asking that you consider being a planter, a seed thrower and a shepherd. I am happy to say that our parish is adopting a youth mission committee.

It is not too drastic to say the young people of this parish are our future. Our Church needs to nurture and involve our young members so they too will continue our legacy and God’s plan.

In addition to the parish youth committee, work has already begun on forming a separate youth organization filled with and run by the young people themselves. I encourage and challenge you young members to roll up your sleeves and join. Have fun, get to know each other and spread God’s message. What a deal, now is your time. Help us.

And, as for you grandparents, parents, relatives and friends of the young help us help them. Sign up.

Thank you,

Jim Brusatte

For more information you can contact:

Jim Brusatte at 815-433-4742 or by Email