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Hospitality and Fellowship - Good day I’m Jo Ann Johnson.  I am a member of your parish council and would like to invite you to help us create the most friendly and vibrant parish around.  This will be one … Continue reading Hospitality and Fellowship
Stewardship and Justice - Click here for Grounds for marriage annulment Well, my mother got her wish.  I am finally behind a pulpit. Hello my name is Jim Brusatte.  I am a member of the parish council.  These few … Continue reading Stewardship and Justice
Parish Evangelization Ministry - EVANGELISM TIME In July we jokingly spoke of sending St. Francis parishioners all around LaSalle County to spread the Gospel as compelled in Jesus’s directive  “Go out into the world and spread the Good News” The … Continue reading Parish Evangelization Ministry
Parish Sacramental Life Ministry - I am a member of the St Francis Parish Council and I am here to talk to you about the upcoming plans of the Parish Council. During this past year, a new St Francis Parish … Continue reading Parish Sacramental Life Ministry
Parish Youth Ministry -  Click here for Pope Francis’ Message for the 2016 World Youth Day Folks, today on this last effort to talk to you I am asking that you consider being a planter, a seed thrower and … Continue reading Parish Youth Ministry